I like the new addition of color schemes but I had a few notes to make:
  1. Currently, when a user opens the mIRC Colors dialog it resets all current colors to the colors of the last scheme activated. This is not good for theming engines, and I'm sure many other things as well. Perhaps when colors are changed mIRC should change it's current scheme to something like "Current Settings" or something.
  2. You should be able to save the current color settings as a new scheme name. like /color -a <SchemeName>
  3. Schemes (Except for the default mIRC Scheme) should be able to be deleted. /color -d <SchemeName>
  4. It would be nice for a $scheme(Name/N) identifier with possibly a $scheme(Name/N,ColorIndex) to get the color specified by ColorIndex. You could make it nicer by adding properties to the color index (maybe .r .g and .b)

Anyway, just some ideas, but I really think they should be implemented. :tongue: