mIRC is like a library book. You *MUST* return the book after 30 days, no questions.
If you want to possess the book for longer than 30 days, you must buy it at a book store.

Why would you treat mIRC any differently than a library book?
Should library books have missing pages?
Both are "Try before you buy."

If this is still unsatisfactory, please email Khaled with the following message:
  • Dear Khaled,

    I am extremely disappointed after having registered mIRC, because it seems I am no better off than those who have not registered yet. I had expected more than just a warm fuzzy feeling and a nag-free experience.

    Would it be asking too much if you could cripple some of the features in the next release? Perhaps only registered users should be allowed to have multi-server support... or maybe only registered users should be allowed to join more than 1 channel and change their nickname. Only registered users should be allowed to write scripts too, because there are so many unregistered users out there and it's just not fair!

    I don't understand why I had to pay for something when I got nothing out of the deal.

    Thanks for nothing,

    - LeGIt
- Raccoon

PS. Thank you Khaled for keeping mIRC cripple free and banner/spyware free. - Eric

Well. At least I won lunch.
Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like!