If there is going to be a new version soon to address these issues, then I would request another 'fix'. When you have regex as match text in an event definition, example:
$*:text:/someregex/:#: { ... }
the regex is severely limited in power. For example, the following pattern constructors do not work:

(?#) - inline comment
(?:) - non-capturing groups
And based on this trend, I would assume that constructors like zero-width negative look-behind assertions do not work either: (?<!), and other assertions such as (?=), (?!) and (?<=). However, I havn't tested assertions.

I don't feel there is a need to, because I am requesting that the regex used for match text in an event defition be as powerful as the regex support exported by the $regex identifier. This would be much more flexible and hence much more useful. It would also be potentially quicker, because non-capturing groups are processed faster than capturing groups.

Finally, the list of scripts available from the view menu in the mIRC Scripts Editor now only shows 24 scripts and a "More..." option. This is quite annoying, and I assume it was provided as a quick fix to the problem of there being so many scripts that they didn't fit in the display area. Perhaps Khaled could sort us out with one of those arrows at the top/bottom of the menu to scroll the list of scripts?

I think I'll stop there to spare this thread a rant!