The new way to move the switchbar basicly SUX
or is it more convinient to play around 10 seconds to point do the stupid line instead clicking anywhere on it and just dragging it like it was in .03 and before?

If it is taking you anywhere near ten seconds to get ahold of the grip, I would suggest that you get a new mouse. You might want to go with an optical mouse, if you don't have one already.

As for me, it has taken me less than a second each time, without even focusing on getting ahold of the grip.


I guess you've added this so even filled switchbars can be moved around, but why did you removed the old style?

The grip might also help to make it obvious, to new users, that the switch bar can be moved at all.

Regardless, do people really move the switch bar multiple times throughout the day?

Perhaps there are those who do not like the grips because it is a constant reminder to them of what they were hoping the grips would allow them to do.