Hi, i read this thread some days ago, and i remember seeing a reverse text script somewhere, been trying for days to remember where, anyways i didnt find the site, but i found the script on one of my CD's, so i must of saved it ages ago.

To the origainal poster, you could always use this code instead, if you havent got anywhere else

; Reversing words?
; It started when my friend and I decided to talk backward.
; I found it annoying to rephrase my words manually so I wrote this.
; It's not new but I never say it will never work! :)
; Perhaps the way I handle it may not be the best, but oh well, I tried.

; Author: xiao-wen-zi
; Email: smallmoskito@yahoo.com
; Date: 1st January 2002

; Usage
; /rev <text> returns <echo | say> result
; Example
; Input: /rev hi?
; Output: ?ih
; $rev(text) returns result
;/revd brings up the GUI

alias rev { 

  ;declare variables
  ;%c stores the total number of words found
  var %c $calc($iif($count($$1-,$chr(32)),$ifmatch,0) +1) , %v, %f

  ;words loop - begining from the last word of the sentence to the first
  while ( %c > 0) {
    %f = $gettok($$1-,%c,32) | var %i $len(%f) , %t 

    ;letters loop - begining from the last letter of the word to the first (obviously)
    while (%i) { %t = $+(%t,$right($left(%f,%i),1)) | dec %i }

;adds the reconstructed words to the end of the the rest
    dec %c | %v = %v %t


  ;if is ident., it'll return the result
  if ($isid) { return %v }

  ;if connected to a server it'll say the result
  $iif($server,say,echo) %v

; Dialog

alias revd return $dialog(rev,rev,-1)

dialog rev {
  size -1 -1 200 50
  option dbu
  title "Reverse words?"

  edit "Insert text here",2,5 5 192 12, autohs
  edit "",3,5 20 192 12, read autohs

  button "&Copy reversed words",4,5 36 60 12, default
  button "E&xit",1,166 36 30 12, okay default

on *:dialog:rev:*:*: {
  var %e $devent , %n $dname , %d $did
  if (%e == init) { did -fa %n 2 $chr(32) }
  if (%e == edit) && (%d == 2) { did -o %n 3 1 $rev($did(2)) } 
  if (%e == sclick) && (%d == 4) { clipboard $did(3) }

Checked and tested on mIRC V6.1 (it works)

To Parabrat and/or Hammer or other moderators
I hope you dont mind me pasting the whole code, but i think it was a scriptlet i downlaoded, and just kept on my harddrive and backed up to a cd later

/me gives Parabrat a whole bag of choccy chips cookies or whatever is yer favorite kind wink


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