you should add a feature to use classes
classes should be build up in this way
class foobar {
 ; var %all.vars.used.in.this.class
 ; in this example %var
 var %var

 alias myfunction {
  return $this->%var

 alias setvar {
  set $this->%var $1-

class barfoo extends foobar {
 alias increasevar {
  inc $this->var

usage of a class

create $foo new foobar

$foo->setvar foobar

echo -a $foo->%var would echo foobar then

that feature would be a realy strong element in mirc scripting , ie you could create a object for each channel when u try to create a custom switchbar

over all it would be REALY usefull

sry for my crappy english wink