I am trying to use it at home, the only computer I have which isnt on any network. My IP address is
which is what was showing in the Local Info 'IP address' entry once I configured my xp firewall to work with mIRC using the guide that was given to me here.

'Local host' and 'server' were selected automatically in 'Local Info'.

I tried all possible server and ip connections, and have the same problems connecting with kazaa lite++ and ICQ lite, so I know for certain these connection problems with all of these programs stem from the same common problem, its just that I dont know what it is I need to do to fix it on my computer.
The same 'unable to connect (connection refused' keeps coming up again and again.

I thought it must be an obvious problem with my firewall program, so I tried disabling norton firewall and just running the xp one(configuring the xp one to work with mIRC using the guide), but that didnt work, and as a last resort, I disabled both, which didnt help either.