I've been doing something for some time now using the $cmdline identifier. You can make a copy of mIRC and set for it to automatically minimize to the tray at startup so that it *looks* like a service and then include commands in the command line. I do this for special text files. What I do is give them a special extension (such as '.secure' or whatever) and then tell that extension to run into mIRC with the command "mirc.exe run txt". The part where it says "run txt" is what pops up in $cmdline and you can use that for instructions. The drawback is that you have to start it up for every command (unless you want to make a long stream of them in the command line), but you can also make mIRC immediately exit after the given commands are performed. I use this to put a password on pretty much any text file I want (or any file at all really), including the scripts that are the key to it all. If anyone's got any questions, you can email me at ryastew@comcast.net and I should be able to help you out.