sorry to "bump" an old thread. But, I just got mIRC.exe loaded as a system service using the srvany/instsrv approach but Im not seeing any signs of mIRC connecting to my office's irc server through netstat, or my firewall. Any ideas?

mirc.exe and srvany.exe are both in my processes list
I've confirmed the prescense of the "mirc" service in services.msc, with Path to executable set to C:\mIRC\srvany.exe

I've set the service up using the guide from Microsoft: How To Create a User-Defined Service

But yea, I've rebooted, and am not seeing any connection activity from mirc.

Is there a needed parameter to force mIRC to connect?

Normally, when I launch mirc.exe, it automatically connects to my server just fine.

Thanks in advance.