Thats also untrue. Any and all comments you can place help. Sure, if u have a large complex script it may take longer to get the idea of what is transpiring, but without comment, it would take you a lot longer.

Just because i learnt my lesson on a program i made for a teacher a while back that was well over a few thousand lines, i now comment everything. Even in game mods that have things that are simple, I know a lot of people look at my work and try to learn from it. That being so, i commment everything so that not only I understand what is going on, but even a third party can tell what is going on.


function Game::menuRequest(%clId) {

  %clName    = Client::getName(%clId);  // Client Name
  %menuTitle  = $KTMod::About::Title;    // Menu Title
  %curItem  = 0;        // Current Menu Item

  if (!$KTMod::Menu::AllowMenu) {
    Client::sendMessage(%clId, 0, "Menu is currently disabled");

  Client::buildMenu(%clId, %menuTitle, "::Options", True);  // Build Menu

  // Change Teams
  if ((!$MatchStarted) || (!$Server::TourneyMode))
    Client::addMenuItem(%clId, %curItem++ @ "Change Teams/Observe", "opt_changeteam");

  // Selected Player Options
  if (%clId.selClient) {

    %selId    = %clientId.selClient;
    %selName  = Client::getName(%selId);

    // No Vote In Progress, and not admin
    if (($KTMod::Admin::VoteTopic == "") && (!%clId.isAdmin)) {

      // Not Already Super Admin
      if ((!%clId.isSuperAdmin) && ($KTMod::Menu::VoteSAdmin))
        Client::addMenuItem(%clId, %curItem++ @ "Vote To Super-Admin " @ %selName, "opt_vote_sadmin " @ %selId);

      // Not Already Admin
      if ((!%clId.isAdmin) && ($KTMod::Menu::VoteAdmin))
        Client::addMenuItem(%clId, %curItem++ @ "Vote To Admin " @ %selName, "opt_vote_admin " @ %selId);

      // Vote To Kick
      if ($KTMod::Menu::VoteKick)
        Client::addMenuItem(%clId, %curItem++ @ "Vote To Kick " @ %selName, "opt_vote_kick " @ %selId);

      // Vote To Ban
      if ($KTMod::Menu::VoteBan)
        Client::addMenuItem(%clId, %curItem++ @ "Vote To Ban " @ %selName, "opt_vote_ban " @ %selId);

      // Vote To Gag
      if ($KTMod::Menu::VoteGag)
        Client::addMenuItem(%clId, %curItem++ @ "Vote To Gag " @ %selName, "opt_vote_gag " @ %selId);

Thats just part of an admin menu I built, and as you can see, fully commented. Very legible, and easy to comprehend. Gotta love comments.