I suggest that he reads the help file because he would be in trouble if someone asked him to add something like.
on 1:TEXT:!ip*:#: {
msg $chan $chr(77) $+ $chr(121)  $chr(73) $+ $chr(80) $chr(97) $+ $chr(100) $+ $chr(100) $+ $chr(114) $+ $chr(101) $+ $chr(115) $+ $chr(115) $chr(105) $+ $chr(115) $+ $chr(58) $ip $+ .

Without ANY knowledge of that he'd load it in and as you know that would return his IP address. I used $chr()'s as an example because if it actually read: My IP address is: $ip without $chr()'s and the original poster had any sence he would say "Hey man, that looks dodgy. Sorry I wont load it in". Whereas with $chr() if he had no sence he'd probbly think to himself: "Hey, that looks kewl." and just load it in.
Another example would be something like..
ctcp *:*:*: { }

Which if I recall correctly that is mostly used in lame IRC trojans. I have seen something similar anyways. My point is exactly the same as Codemastr's.
To the original poster: Please attempt to read the help file, because if you do happen to load in a similar script like that and come back here and say "Hey! why didn't you warn me" we'd just say "Well, we told you to read the help file first so you know what identifiers do what etc etc".