K, I've got two computers hooked up thru LAN (so the second cant ever receive any files in MIRC, or DCC chat).

I would like to know if anyone has any scripts that actually allows the second MIRC to send a command to the First to speak in channel.

Channel: #mirchelp
Second Mirc private messages to first:
I need help
First user in #mirchelp says in channel:
I need help

OR both 1st and 2nd stay in a private channel and 2nd just types command in channel and the first types it in other channels.

Channel: #test123 (both 1st and 2nd is there, private room)
2nd> /speak #mirchelp hi there
The 1st then types it in #mirchelp
1st>hi there

Any takes for this? As you can see my knowledge in scripts are at a full 0%, but I am willling to learn.