I am siding with you code, but just wanted to argua a point..


Thats a stupid reason imho. When was the last time you saw a tab flood on IRC? I've never seen one.

You dont see them becase simply you cannot achieve them. Why would you try a failing method? If it supported tabs, i can almost guarentee youd see them. Also the color flood point, color doesnt take up and more charactors that it has. Meaning if you put 100 color codes onto 5 letters of text, you still only see a length of 5 letters. Tabs on the other hand (say it uses the avg tab spacing) 5 characters could take 40 (5 * 8 char spacing) characters easily.

Though as I said I am in agreement, but the threat would be there. It also would again be easy to impliment the "[X] Strip tab" feature also. Until then, we must be forced to use aliases such as $pad to make up for lost tabs >:D