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Tab indentation

Posted By: root

Tab indentation - 31/07/03 01:40 PM

How about putting a tab indentation into mirc. I know that would remove the feature to complete nicknames but i think tab indentation is worth it O.o
Posted By: Poppy

Re: Tab indentation - 31/07/03 01:48 PM

With some of the weird and wonderful nicknames around, I'd far rather use the tab key for nick completion.
Posted By: Ashkrynt

Re: Tab indentation - 31/07/03 03:07 PM

You can put a literal tab into your messages with ctrl+i
Posted By: Rich

Re: Tab indentation - 31/07/03 05:42 PM

ctrl+i does indeed insert a tab character, but mIRC won't show it anywhere else but in a @custom window. Everywhere else it will show like a black box character. This is to prevent flooding, since tabs would very quickly fill your windows with empty space.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: Tab indentation - 31/07/03 05:57 PM

Thats a stupid reason imho. When was the last time you saw a tab flood on IRC? I've never seen one. However I see color code floods all the time. If the reason that tab is not supported is to prevent floods, then colors should not be supported either because they are the cause of most floods. Most clients other than mIRC support tabs with no problems. And, if you are worried about tabs causing a flood (which I think is ridiculous), then you'd click the [X] Strip tab characters and there you go, no floods.
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: Tab indentation - 31/07/03 08:16 PM

I am siding with you code, but just wanted to argua a point..


Thats a stupid reason imho. When was the last time you saw a tab flood on IRC? I've never seen one.

You dont see them becase simply you cannot achieve them. Why would you try a failing method? If it supported tabs, i can almost guarentee youd see them. Also the color flood point, color doesnt take up and more charactors that it has. Meaning if you put 100 color codes onto 5 letters of text, you still only see a length of 5 letters. Tabs on the other hand (say it uses the avg tab spacing) 5 characters could take 40 (5 * 8 char spacing) characters easily.

Though as I said I am in agreement, but the threat would be there. It also would again be easy to impliment the "[X] Strip tab" feature also. Until then, we must be forced to use aliases such as $pad to make up for lost tabs >:D
Posted By: codemastr

Re: Tab indentation - 31/07/03 08:57 PM

Well I should have been a bit more clear. mIRC doesn't support tabs, but that doesn't mean other clients don't. All of the Linux clients I know of parse tab codes, and therefore I'd assume their Windows versions (specifically XChat, and BitchX) do as well. I also tested a bunch of Windows clients I have laying around on my harddrive

.IRC, HydraIRC, and Klient support tabs. The only Windows client I tested (other than mIRC) that did not support tabs was Bersirc. So while mIRC doesn't support this, the majority of other chat clients do.

But like I say, I see no reason why this can't be strip-able just like bold/underline/reverse/color codes are. It could be a rather advanced system.

"Tab settings:
[ ] Strip tab characters
[ ] Treat tab characters as [.........] spaces
[ ] Enable tab support
[ ] Do not process tab characters"
That gives you as much control as you could need. The first setting strips all tabs, the second translates a tab character to a series of spaces, the third treats it as a true tab character, and the last keeps it the way it is (displaying a box character)". That solves all potential flooding problems. If you are afraid of floods, you can either strip the codes, do not process the codes, or even set it to translate a tab into a single space character.
Posted By: root

Re: Tab indentation - 02/08/03 06:07 AM

Well either way I hope this is supported in the next mIRC version, and I'd like to sya thanks to those who posted, liek the famous codemastr, which I u se multiple versions of his infamous ircd, unrealircd. I didnt expect such an extensive responce to the thread, but yay.
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: Tab indentation - 02/08/03 10:37 AM

Infamous ey? See that code, you said you werent gonna be immortal 'til 2023. >:D
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