hmm it seems only to work if it is myself that does the -o'ing frown

Nick1 has the code, and nick2 does the -oo and its not triggered, however if nick1 does -oo then it is...

on @*:deOP:#: {
  echo -a starting script
  echo -a using /set %var while testing 
  set %deopnicks $mode(1).deop $mode(2).deop $mode(3).deop $mode(4).deop $mode(5).deop $mode(6).deop
  echo -a is variable set? can you see it here: %deopnicks
  echo -a asking if nick1 & nick2 is in the variable
  if (nick1 isin %deopnicks) && (nick2 isin %deopnicks) { insert command here }
  echo -a was they both shown ?

any ideas ?
and before you you say use ON RAWMODE, i tried that alleady wink and its the same... script is not triggered if it wasnt myself that did the -oo'ing frown