If I look carefully I would see 2 lines 1 for each nick..... well then mirc just forgets to echo the second line :P cause it only echos 1 frown

Interesting script KingTomato, but not quite 'simple' for everyone to understand. smile

Further more, I actually mistyped in the original post.

on @*:deOP:#Jesper: { echo -a $1- }
When 1 user is being deop'ed the mirc echos "-o nickname"
when 2 users is being deop'ed mirc echos nothing.

and its the same for "on @1:RAWMODE:#Jesper: { echo -a $1- }"

Ok I got it to echo both nicks now, by using:
on @*:deOP:#Jesper: { 
  echo -a $mode(0).deop
  ;returns the number of opped nicks
  echo -a $mode(1).deop
  ;returns the first deopped nick
  echo -a $mode(2).deop
  ;returns the 2nd deopped nick

but it echos twice, like its looping.. any ideas?
and why wont it work with "echo -a $mode(1).deop $mode(2).deop" ?

****LAST EDIT****
I suddenly just got it to work, except for the double ech, any ideas? smile
Thanks for the inputs smile

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