while the idea is great and ive always liked this since aim/msn implemented it. I dont think its gonna happen for a few reasons

1) mIRC could implemented it usesing sockets yes, but problems can happen like 1 or more persons has a problem with that port either its in use/blocked and thus no connections made

2) Its a lot of work on a query open mIRC would haveta socklisten or for tha matter who socklistens? who sockopens? this could be avoided of course by having each mIRC have one /socklisten for all of this then whoever msgs the person could open the socket to that person but then you run into the problem how do u get ips mIRC would haveta dns the person etc etc etc and if this all works u still run into problem #1 on occasions

although id like to see something like this i just dont think tis gonna happen way to much work for built in sockets getting ips opening sockets port issues etc

the only way i see it happening if it was a standard in ircds like a raw typeing :nickname and as u typed mIRC automaticly sent this raw etc etc but i dont see that happening either

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