I never mentioned the word expense. Just because something is beyond your reach doesn't make it expensive.

- The paid servers specifically mentioned in this thread, CR and MS Exchange, are in the $100-$10000 range. Considering you can get the same level of functionality for free, I think any sane person would call that expensive.

Also, the thread isn't about IRCds, it's about servers, connection/hardware/software and so on are all part of the server as a whole,
....you'll realise by reading this bit again...
The hardware, the software, the connection quality and size and the admin's skills all play a role however it is only IRCd's we [you and me] are discussing so to the maximum effect possible in this thread I am correct.
...that I infact addressed this already. In addtion, read my first post from start to finish, I addressed everything the poster asked about in full.

- Actually if you read mine again and think about the fact that I posted mine after yours, you might realise that I was replying to your comment and pointing out that the original poster asked about the price and setup options of an IRC Server - not an IRCd, and so any discussion following also pertains to IRC servers.

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and stupid comments are intentional.