alias cop { 
 set %t.n $nick($chan,0,a) 
 set %t.c 1
 while (%t.c < $calc(%t.n + 1)) {
  mode $chan +o $Nick($chan,%t.c,a)
 inc %t.c 1 
 unset %t.c
 unset %t.n

This is spammy, and will only do it one person at a time, but it gets it done. Like Raccoon said, you should not need this script unless you want to spam people or create anarchy of some kind. All the same, I was bored and wanting to increase my number of posts.
A few notes.. it works by doing /cop in a channel. It will not work in a remote script. You can change that by going through and replacing all occurences of $chan with $1 and using /cop #Channel

I am the self-appointed God of needlessly complex mIRCscript.