I dont think I need to change thir script, becuz when someone in say Engalnd is chatting with me, it doesnt show the time of his computer, it displays the time of my computer. I dont intend to change that other people see time as a constant, just me and my script. but other people chatting to me, shows my accurate time..Heres how the chat looks:

[6:03] <THEM> i caught up with
[6:03] <THEM>erm
[1:01] <ME> erm ?
[6:04] <THEM> says names
[6:04] <THEM> of ur old crew
[1:01] <ME> o really, ?
[6:04] <THEM> i cant think of his name
[1:01] <ME> Ginsu
[6:05] <THEM>yup