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How to set timestamp ?

Posted By: Qwaka

How to set timestamp ? - 12/06/03 02:24 PM

Is there a way to override the timestamp the MIRC uses to display the time in channel ? what I'd liek to do is set the time to a constant that never changes (sounds ridiculous, but its for fun). Thanks for any help, you have been so much for me. I hope to return the help to others as I learn more myeslf.
Posted By: NightChillz

Re: How to set timestamp ? - 12/06/03 02:42 PM

/help /timestamp

/timestamp [-fs|a|e] [on|off|default] [windowname]
Turns time-stamping of events on or off. If you specify default, uses the global timestamp setting.

-s = for status window
-a = for active window
-e = for every window

If a windowname is not specified, then the global timstamp switch is turned on or off.

The -f switch allows you to set the timestamp format, eg. /timestamp -f [HH:nn]

Posted By: Qwaka

Re: How to set timestamp ? - 12/06/03 03:07 PM

cool I read that actually but I thought it meant set timestamp format, like 16:00 as opposed to say 4:00. Thanks for that.
Posted By: Qwaka

Re: How to set timestamp ? - 12/06/03 08:15 PM

Ok, that succesfully set the timestamp for whatever I type shows as what I set the timestamp to, however everyone elses text still shows the proper time. Can I make it so everyones timestamp shows as a constant ?
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: How to set timestamp ? - 12/06/03 10:20 PM

lol--make a script for them? you can't edit their script by setting prefs on ur computer..
Posted By: Qwaka

Re: How to set timestamp ? - 13/06/03 11:30 AM

I dont think I need to change thir script, becuz when someone in say Engalnd is chatting with me, it doesnt show the time of his computer, it displays the time of my computer. I dont intend to change that other people see time as a constant, just me and my script. but other people chatting to me, shows my accurate time..Heres how the chat looks:

[6:03] <THEM> i caught up with
[6:03] <THEM>erm
[1:01] <ME> erm ?
[6:04] <THEM> says names
[6:04] <THEM> of ur old crew
[1:01] <ME> o really, ?
[6:04] <THEM> i cant think of his name
[1:01] <ME> Ginsu
[6:05] <THEM>yup
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