on @2000:TEXT:op*:#: {
if ($2 == $null) mode $chan +o $nick
if ($2 ison $chan) mode $chan +o $2
else halt

That is just an example of what am using bein 2000 my access level 1500 for a chan master 1000 for chanops
500 for chan voices regular users im assuming is level 1

if that syntax is correct according to what you all are sayin then when I an I alone say <botnick> op <mynick> it would do it......i get nothing the "bot" recognizes thats as just another channel message .... im supposedly added to the 2000 level of the list but i get nothing....im still waitin on confirmation that i perfomed the correct command to add myself to that level..
im also performing that above syntax for voice op deop devoice and so on...

thanks again in advance