What's .dll's got to do with cracking and cheating? I use a .dll to view webpages in my script. How does that affect mIRC? Is it possible to view webpages in mIRC via another means? I don't currently believe there is.

So you leave things in original condition....

So you leave Windows as-is when it's installed then? You don't download security updates, you don't install servicepacks or update applications in anyway? You install mIRC and leave it the way it is? By doing that I can take it that you don't run ANY scripts and haven't added ANY aliases or popups or changed the colour of ANYTHING in mIRC...

Please don't catagorise .dll's with cracks and cheating because most of them don't and are harmless to your computer and indeed do not infringe on the mIRC licence.

I would say that most of the available mIRC .dll's are written by honest and experienced people. I've been using nHTMLn.dll for God knows how long and I don't have a problem with it.

As for other people, they should be encouraged to develop .dll's if that is their wish. To each his own. The affects of a mIRC .dll can be removed simply by chucking the .dll so it is safe to try any and all.