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Posted By: ex0dus

scrollbar - 21/12/02 07:09 AM

I wouldn't mind seeing the ability to be able to change/edit the scrollbar colours.
Posted By: GK_Kamel

Re: scrollbar - 22/12/02 04:54 PM

that is an interesting suggestion, one i had thought about before. one thing i would be afraid of is the ability of flooders to exploit the more processing cycles used in order to implement the different colored scroll bars. in other words, it might slow mirc down just a tad, i wouldnt wanna sacrifice prformance for it personally, lol.
Posted By: ex0dus

Re: scrollbar - 23/12/02 01:32 AM

good point.
Posted By: Gon_

Re: scrollbar - 23/12/02 10:02 AM

It would never slow mIRC down.

mIRC should be able to display flat colored scrollbars like IE. Or, as far as i understand, It's not possible for .DLL coders to make this feature because of the way mIRC is designed, that limitation should atleast be removed.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: scrollbar - 23/12/02 04:27 PM

saying a dll can't do it is completely false, it can definately be done, it's just no one has done it.
Posted By: GK_Kamel

Re: scrollbar - 23/12/02 07:48 PM

not saying it would....

just saying that IF it did slow it down, i personally wouldnt want to sacrifice the performance for it.

either way, i agree with the suggestion, and think it would make a much nicer visual theme whenever making scripts.
Posted By: Gon_

Re: scrollbar - 24/12/02 11:01 AM

It's not completly false. I remember GrimZ tried to do it before, and the result was Pink scrollbars. From what I remember, he was told to draw the scrollbar completely himself. See, you cant add support for IE style scrollbar with a .DLL.

You say it can definatly be done, care to give some technical insight?
Posted By: vcv

Re: scrollbar - 24/12/02 03:43 PM

Yeah.. pink scroll-bars.. he did get it to change colors at least, right? GrimZ has admitted himself that he isnt too great with drawing [GDI] with windows api :tongue:
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: scrollbar - 24/12/02 04:27 PM

In the computer game I would suggest that nothing is impossible :-)

I speak from experience, I have dared people to do things that I thought couldn't be done in the past and I have copped more than a pink toolbar for it in the form of embarrasment lol.

Take it from me, anything can be done. Just because someone has a go and doesn't quite get there doesn't make something impossible, merely momentarily improbable.
Posted By: wyx

Re: scrollbar - 24/12/02 04:36 PM

for me, everything is best if it original version. No cheat, no crack, no dll files grin
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: scrollbar - 24/12/02 04:58 PM


What's .dll's got to do with cracking and cheating? I use a .dll to view webpages in my script. How does that affect mIRC? Is it possible to view webpages in mIRC via another means? I don't currently believe there is.

So you leave things in original condition....

So you leave Windows as-is when it's installed then? You don't download security updates, you don't install servicepacks or update applications in anyway? You install mIRC and leave it the way it is? By doing that I can take it that you don't run ANY scripts and haven't added ANY aliases or popups or changed the colour of ANYTHING in mIRC...

Please don't catagorise .dll's with cracks and cheating because most of them don't and are harmless to your computer and indeed do not infringe on the mIRC licence.

I would say that most of the available mIRC .dll's are written by honest and experienced people. I've been using nHTMLn.dll for God knows how long and I don't have a problem with it.

As for other people, they should be encouraged to develop .dll's if that is their wish. To each his own. The affects of a mIRC .dll can be removed simply by chucking the .dll so it is safe to try any and all.
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: scrollbar - 24/12/02 09:00 PM

The affects of a mIRC .dll can be removed simply by chucking the .dll so it is safe to try any and all.

I don't think that removing a dll will do much good if it's just deleted your entire hard drive's contents, or worse. It's not at all safe to try "any and all" dll's, only ones from trusted sources - as in sources that can be trusted to be both honest and actually know what they're talking about.
Posted By: GrimZ

Re: scrollbar - 27/12/02 08:03 AM

Yes it can be done with custom (mayber owner) draw. There was some 'simple' way to 'color' them if I remember correctly but it was only good for the track background which was pretty dumb and yes I'm not the best at drawing and ditched it and just used flat.
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