ok just so u know i surely do know what im saying its quite plain and simple read this post un the connection uissues forum sticky thread even


Parabrat a moderator here had emailed MSN chat directly and asked exactly what your telling me im wrong about ...... so if your wondering where im getting this info from there ya go ..... straight from MSN ...... THEY DO NOT WANT ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIER SOFTWARE BEING USED ON THIER SERVERS

ok now how does that translate to me being wrong and u being right? because last i know ive said MSN doesnt want MIRC on thier servers ..... plainly that falls under the catagory u have no f$*king clue what your saying ....... now dont post the im wrong comment again to this thread ... it should be closed because u Cant Understand Normal Thinking ...... and not read things and find out fact before you look ignorant