pheonix im disapointed in you once again ... havent we had this msn debate till we were all blue in the face with u.

the problem with your reasoning is that no matter where mirc connects to it still only works with the same basic commands ...... UNLESS U SCRIPT AROUND THEM.

now with that said ...... if you have an alternative /ctcpreply alias then u also need to post that along with your useless help from above ...... if u cant help fully and be able to explain your answers fully then dont bother posting ....... if you dont bother posting when ur just not sure or just dont know then no one will be trashing u for what you post

please read the help file ....... ive got my 7 yr old reading it to me and understanding it ..... if u cant understand some of it then ill be glad to give u my phone number and ill let my child explain things to u