Khaled, I know just how much you value and try to preserve backwards compatibility, so I just wanted to let you know that the following change in v7.69 caused my script to fail:

* Changed location of channels favorites to channelsini file This will allow users to update/edit this file without having to modify their mircini settings file If [chanfolder] or [chanhist] exist in mircini when mIRC starts up, they will be automatically moved to [channels] and [recent] in channelsini

My script reads the chanfolder list from $mircini and connects to servers for which autojoin is set - and (obviously) after this change it no longer works.

I can obviously code around this by checking the mirc version and using a different file and section name if 7.69 or above, but if you wish to preserve backwards compatibility for similar changes in the future, then you will need to include code in $ini and $readini to switch file and section names when file == $mircini and section == chanfolder or chanhist.