There is a css selector in the example, it's table.

A selector has multiple potential string formats, of which, any element tagname can be referenced: "html, a, body, table, div" etc... There's special characters like '.' and '#', where something like .myclass would reference ANY element with a classname of "myclass", and #someuniqueid would reference ANY element with an id of "someuniqueid", you can also combine these options as well, like div.myclass or table.myclass which would reference any (div/table) that also happen to have the class of "myclass". There's tons of special characters like * or + or ~ even a comma (,) to define more than one match criteria...

In short, table by itself is a perfectly fine css selector. The code is valid, the crash is the fault of the com object itself, much like the powershell github example provided by khaled.

Here's a link to a fairly nice cheat sheet in forming selectors.