Thanks for your bug report. This is due to a change made in v7.62 to fix this issue.

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a way that fixes that issue without the change.

On the other hand, I have checked all thirty of my $com() test scripts and they all work correctly in v7.61 and do not crash, so it is just the script in the previous bug report that crashes.

The difficulty with $com() scripts is that it is easy for a script to cause an issue, such as a crash, if it uses incorrect parameters, since these are passed to the COM interface.

I rarely use $com(), so I have no idea if $com() in the previous bug report is being called correctly. Can someone here who has experience with it verify if it is using a valid set of $com() calls? If it isn't, that could be the reason why it is crashing and I can revert the change.

I also noticed that even with the fix, the script in the previous bug report still doesn't return any results - so that could indicate it is being called incorrectly.