Using beta 1159

I am messaging myself to communicate between different mIRC instances. All messages are sent from Client A. $parseem is always false on Client B.

Messaging myself on Client A - two of the same message are received on Client B and processed twice by text events.

Messaging another user on Client A - my sent message appears on Client B as being sent from myself (in a query window for myself and not for the other user). $nick == $me for this text event.

on *:parseline:in:*:echo -sg $parsetype :: $parseem :: $parseline

in :: $false :: @time=2022-05-16T18:17:55.551Z BATCH +dbf4e8a5b4b5f5a7b845a79a430f533c othernick
in :: $false :: @batch=dbf4e8a5b4b5f5a7b845a79a430f533c;time=2022-05-12T21:05:44.697Z :Membear! PRIVMSG othernick :help
in :: $false :: @time=2022-05-16T18:17:55.551Z BATCH -dbf4e8a5b4b5f5a7b845a79a430f533c
in :: $false :: @time=2022-05-16T18:17:55.551Z BATCH +32ab61efd54730ee72491f74037329fc Membear
in :: $false :: @batch=32ab61efd54730ee72491f74037329fc;time=2022-05-16T18:17:46.274Z :Membear! PRIVMSG Membear :2:17
in :: $false :: @batch=32ab61efd54730ee72491f74037329fc;time=2022-05-16T18:17:46.307Z :Membear!00000@Membear.vhost.Net PRIVMSG Membear :2:17
in :: $false :: @time=2022-05-16T18:17:55.551Z BATCH -32ab61efd54730ee72491f74037329fc