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I made one not too long ago that works under current mIRC, but I packaged it as an add-on for the Peace-and-Protection script. (Because I wanted to re-use some utility code in PnP - https://github.com/peace-and-protection) You'll find the add-on in the PnPAddons422 repository. While it may not answer your main question 100%, anyone is free to grab whatever code you need to make it work under standard / vanilla mIRC.

1) It doesn't send to channel(s), only to a custom window in your mIRC;
2) It doesn't use dlls, but COM. I tested it to work under Win 10;
3) It only works with selectnodes rss/channel/item, meaning it won't work for the Atom standard. (Only RSS);
4) PnP uses option dbu for dialogs, which presents display issues on Windows with desktop scaling > 100%;
5) PnP is over 20 years old, but still runs a dream. Some ppl may yell at you for using it though!

Hope this helps smile

Code incomplete. That's why I couldn't test it.

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