I have been testing echo-message with the latest version of ZNC.

It appears that ZNC's echo-message implementation is not quite working correctly in the way it echoes some messages, such as CTCP messages. It seems to be filtering them out and not echoing them back to the sending client.

For example, if I use:

//raw PRIVMSG nick : $+ $chr(1) $+ hello $+ $chr(1)

ZNC seems to filter out the echoed PRIVMSG from the server.

If I test this with a non-CTCP-encapsulated message:

//raw PRIVMSG nick :hello

The expected echo does arrive.

If I test this by connecting directly to the server (in this case, the latest version of InspIRCd), both of the above are echoed back as expected.

This means that echo-message will not work as expected when connecting through ZNC at this time. mIRC would be waiting for an echo for the PRIVMSG/NOTICEs it has sent without receiving them, even though echo-message is enabled.

For the time being, I have stopped testing echo-message with ZNC because of the above issue.

Note: the next beta will fix a number of issues with echo-message, so it would be best to wait until that beta is released before testing echo-message further.

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