I have a code that I made to tell me the nicknames that are online on the network, but it doesn't work on multi-network. mIRC has the Notify List icon with submenu in the toolbar, but I can't get my code to work in multi-network like mIRC does in the toolbar.

Anyone who can help me change my code?

My code:
menu menubar {
  Notify List
alias notlist {
  var %t = 1, %c = 2
  while ($notify(%t).ison <= %t) {
    var %nick = $notify(%t)
    if (!$server) && ($1 == 1) return $style(2) None :$null
    if ($server) && ($1 == 1) return $style(2) $network $br($server) :$null
    if ($1 == %c) && (%c <= 15) return $iif($notify(%t).ison == $true, %nick) :query %nick
    if ($1 == 16) && (%t >= 15) return More... :notify -s
    inc %c
    inc %t

My code:
[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

mIRC Notify List:
[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

I've tried to change my code to work in the same way as the mIRC Notify List but I can't.
If anyone here can help me, I'd be grateful!

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