Tabcomplete glitches if you try to nick-complete when there's text beyond the cursor, and the cursor position points at a space or a comma.

/nick maroon767
* maroon is now known as maroon767
/join ##maroon2
* Now talking in ##maroon2
test m<tab><enter>
<@maroon767> test maroon767

now insert 2 spaces between 'test test' so you can perform a tabcomplete between the words while the cursor is not touching a letter.

before: foo <tab> bar
after: foo barmaroon767 bar

... with an extra 'bar' and the cursor in the middle of my nick

This doesn't happen when it's tabcompleting an 'm' into the full nick, but it does happen when the cursor position is at a space, or when it it's at a comma:

before: foo,<tab> bar
after: foo, barmaroon767 bar

... with the cursor again in the middle of my nick

I discovered this after creating "/notice nick1,nick2 message" and then after creating the message I went back to add another nick to the list

edit: repasted