i have an alias code as following :-

/bos ban -u14500 # $$1 2 | /kick # $$1 $2- Fast Ban!

and i have a remote code as following :-

on *:JOIN:#:{
var %ident $remove($gettok($address($nick,5),1,64),$nick $+ !)
var %host $gettok($address($nick,5),2,64)
var %c 1, %l $lines(scripts\Abuse.ini)
while (%c <= %l) {
var %line $read(scripts\Abuse.ini,%c)
if ($findtok(%line,$nick,0,32) || $findtok(%line,%ident,0,32) || $findtok(%line,%host,0,32)) {
mode # +b $+($nick,!*@*)
kick # $nick [Banned] Oh i know u!
inc %c 1

i am looking to integrate both the codes as such that a manual kick/ban (by typing /bos nick) should automatically add that banned ip & nick into a file (say abuser.ini). The remote code in return will always look for ips and nicks saved in that abuser.ini file and ban them as soon as they join. The code should either look for a matching ip or nick or both. A dialogue to add or delete any ip or nick manually would be wonderful laugh

any other suggestions are most welcome smile

p.s none of these codes are mine but i have found it elsewhere. i am just grateful for all those ppl who post their codes to help ppl like us.