You forgot to explain what your script should do, but I think I already guessed about it.

Probably, this script should notify you on the specified channel about who is connecting to your server and should give a characteristic for certain nicknames, whose behavior you already know before.

Try using code like this:
on *:SNOTICE:*Client connecting*: client_connecting $1-
alias -l client_connecting {
  var %cc_snotice $strip($1-)
  var %cc_server $gettok(%cc_snotice,1,58)
  if ( isin %cc_server) {
    var %cc_chan #Zen-Activity
    var %cc_user $gettok(%cc_snotice,2,58)
    var %cc_nick $gettok(%cc_user,1,32)
    var %cc_mask $remove($wildtok(%cc_user,*@*,1,32),$chr(40),$chr(41))
    if ($istok(ErikMouse EricMouse norenxaq MFServ,%cc_nick,32)) {
      msg %cc_chan 10Сonnected: $+(,%cc_nick,) %cc_mask -> $+($chr(40),03,Good user,,$chr(41)) | halt
    if ($istok(Troll Fool,%cc_nick,32)) {
      msg %cc_chan 10Сonnected: $+(,%cc_nick,) %cc_mask -> $+($chr(40),04,Bad user,,$chr(41)) | halt
    msg %cc_chan 10Сonnected: $+(,%cc_nick,) %cc_mask -> $+($chr(40),07,Unknown user,,$chr(41))

In lines: "if ($istok(ErikMouse EricMouse norenxaq MFServ,%cc_nick,32))" - you must list separated by a space all nicknames with which you are already familiar.

If I made a mistake in my conclusions about the task of the script, then please describe the necessary in more detail.

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