Hi, I had this in the remote of a mIRC client that I was using as a bot and it was working fine a month ago during the time I had botnets connecting to my server and spamming. Lately, it is ignoring everything I have listed and going to 'else' and I have not changed anything.

on +200:SNOTICE:*client connecting at palace.morphforest.com*:{
  if ($8 == norenxaq) { /msg #Zen-Activity $8 is safe }
  if ($8 == EricMouse) { /msg #Zen-Activity $8 is safe }
  if ($8 == ErikMouse) { /msg #Zen-Activity $8 is safe }
  if ($8 == MFServ) { /msg #Zen-Activity $8 is safe }
  else { /msg #Zen-Activity $8 }

And what the client sees when anyone connects to it is "-anthropia.morphforest.com- *** Notice -- Client connecting at palace.morphforest.com: EricMouse (erikmouse@hostmask)