I found this bug, only testing in 7.66 on Win10. Color-copying a line tends to miss trailing control codes (at the end of a line)

for sake of readability: I will demonstrate in code rather than actual control code characters.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Execute the following:
//clear | echo -a this is a $+($chr(3),4test,$chr(3))

2) color copy the entire line (hold control while selecting the line)

3) execute the following:
//editbox -a $cb ( $len($cb) ) vs $iif($line($active,1),$v1) ( $len($v1) )

I decided to shove it in the editbox as this makes "most" control codes visible, so you can clearly see the results which show the end [k] is missing on color-copy.

pseudo-result (changed for sake of readability):
this is a [k]4test ( 16 ) vs this is a [k]4test[k] ( 17 )

The color-copied line is != to the window buffer line referenced with $line()

I only found this by accident color copying a line from one window and pasting it with some more details in another, my extra details after what I pasted wound up colored when the line itself using $line() clearly showed that the color code was in fact terminated, and the color-copy itself was the culprit. I have not tested this for other terminations for all control characters, only noticed this with colors so far, so it may exist for all possible end-of-line control code terminations.