I was debugging something which flood-echo debug line in status window, this is from a very fast timer.

In previous version of mIRC, I could easily go to the status window, give it a small scroll up, and the scroll would go up as expected and stay there meanwhile the window is still receiving massive amount of lines, aka it would not scroll down automatically.

This is no longer the case on 7.66.

Now I can barely get mIRC to stop scrolling down automatically, depending on the speed/amount of lines getting echoed: it's nearly impossible to manually scroll up to get it to stop scrolling down, in my specific case which made me write this report, even holding the page up key will not work, even holding control + start won't do it unless you held it for a while (same for page up depending on the number of lines).

Here is a script that more or less reproduce my case, you can add more echo to get more lines, this sample is enough to show the problem for me:

//timerflood -ho 100000 0 echo -s this is some debug line, pretty long $(|) var -s % $+ i $!ticks $(|) echo -s more flood there

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