Wims, thank you very much for you help.. but if you can help me with 2 issues also, would be great and thank you one more time:

The first issue:

1. if the %string1 = this is a line text with all symbols, letters and numbers!

2. %string2 = a,b,c,d,e,$chr(44),f,g

All the symbols from %string2 is delimitated by comma, without any space. So what's the regular expression that will return $true if all the symbols from %string1 are tokens of %string2 and $false if, at least, a symbol from %string1 is not a token of %string2?

For example, if %string1 = exampletext and %string2 = a,b,c,e,l,m,n,p,x,t so the regular expression will return $true because any char from %string1 is containing in %string2 and if %string1 = Exampletexts, %string2 = a,b,c,e,l,m,n,p,x,t will return $false because s and E are not containing in the %string2. I want to mention that is case-sensitive, i.e. E and e are different.

The second issue:

If i have a text line:

%line = th!is is a !simple !text

If you can help me with a regular expression that will return all the positions of the words (that are separated by space only) that begins with symbol ! (instead of ! also i can change with ? or . or another symbol) and will exclude those words if that symbol are inside of the words or at the end. The position is not a char position, but is the position of the word delimitated by space (i.e. $findtok(%line,!text,1,32) = 5)

Thank you very much for your help.

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