Can we please remove the linesep from between multiple sequential Notices within the Status window?
This will require remembering that the previous line was a Notice and that a linesep should be added when the next line is not a Notice.

I do believe you've requested this before :-]

Alas, it is not as simple as it sounds.

There are currently 500+ calls to the linesep routine to print a linesep to a window, called by different features, eg. events, numerics, commands, identifiers, error messages, etc. Some of these calls are context-aware, eg. some numerics can appear both in groups and alone and need to be surrounded by lineseps in both cases.

There are 1000+ calls to the routine that prints a line to a window, without lineseps, and with no awareness of lineseps.

The only practical way to implement this, that I can see, is to continue to have a linesep printed after each notice but if the next added line is a notice from the same user, to insert the new notice before the linesep at the bottom. This will essentially group all consecutive notices from the same user together, even if they are replies to several different requests. This will also be backward-compatible with all other features that have no awareness of lineseps.

I have tested this out on different networks, eg. GameSurge sends the MOTD as notices, and, to be honest, I found it harder to read multiple long notices that are stuck together. But it can improve the readiblity of eg. /nickserv replies.

There is no way to use lineseps to group separate /nickserv replies without scanning for words that demarcate the beginning and ending of a group of messages. As I have mentioned before, I am no longer doing this because these words vary across ircds, networks, and languages and are not a reliable basis for changing client behaviour.