The IRCd still reveals the password when it is set and you are already in the channel. But when you leave and come back it is set to * until someone resets the channel key to a new key. To just forget the password does little good. To remember the password even though it is set to * would be beneficial. It cannot be forgotten even when an attempt to join the channel fails with remembered password because the ircd does not tell you which command failed (in the event multiple /join #mirc <pass> attempts are used). You cannot even remember a password that is used on the join command respectively because multiple /join attempts maybe used and there is no telling which one is true password. Only when you are in the channel and the channel password is witnessed being set should it be remembered and never forgotten. Although you could check if other sessions are opped in the channel and can see the key or have otherwise witnessed the channel key being set and can see it or have it remembered. Of course this is a problem when there is a netsplit and multiple channel keys are in use for that I made a script that will set all channel modes then unset all channel modes then set the channel modes that you want to keep. I haven't finished it yet as usual or I would post the script.