Per /help:

/remote [on|off]
This switches processing of all scripts on/off.

This leads the typical user to believe that this disables scripted aliases, when it doesn't do that at all. Scripted aliases which intercept commands like /echo or /msg still function, and timers still get triggered and invoke aliases.

I had an incident helping someone with a script which wasn't working as expected, and it turns out that there was a local alias which was altering one of the internal /commands, and it didn't show up from the editbox with //echo -a $isalias(echo)

Unless the fix is to clarify /help description of existing behavior, there could be a brother alias /scripts to go along with /raw /events and /ctcps, but to avoid backwards compatibility, it might be needed for /remote to use a -s switch to either include scripts with the others, or to even include scripts along with the others, as in /remote -recs on|off

For $remote, this could have the & 8 bitmask, unless it's a compatibility issue with aliases assuming that mIRC defaults at $remote == 7.