I am looking for the font variable in mirc.ini that would represent the font used when typing in the channel or query input field (where you type your chatting).

I loaded an old MTS theme and was able to change my fonts in mirc.ini for all windows according to what it was in mirc 6, but the input field is not the right font.

example for the status window:

in mirc 6 it was:

when I loaded the theme in mirc 7 it loaded as:

reverting back to 410,1 I was able to have it how I wanted.

I changed the settings for all fonts vars that were added to the file once I loaded the theme. But I don't know how to change the font to "Tahoma,410,1" for the text input field.

Any idea? Or are these vars only related to the script/theme and not to mirc itself?