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mirc.ini fonts settings

Posted By: eldudo

mirc.ini fonts settings - 05/10/20 03:02 PM


I am looking for the font variable in mirc.ini that would represent the font used when typing in the channel or query input field (where you type your chatting).

I loaded an old MTS theme and was able to change my fonts in mirc.ini for all windows according to what it was in mirc 6, but the input field is not the right font.

example for the status window:

in mirc 6 it was:

when I loaded the theme in mirc 7 it loaded as:

reverting back to 410,1 I was able to have it how I wanted.

I changed the settings for all fonts vars that were added to the file once I loaded the theme. But I don't know how to change the font to "Tahoma,410,1" for the text input field.

Any idea? Or are these vars only related to the script/theme and not to mirc itself?

Posted By: maroon

Re: mirc.ini fonts settings - 05/10/20 05:10 PM

What you're showing there for mirc 6 is either a typo or is for an earlier v6 that didn't have any UTF8 settings. The settings there have changed in mirc7, so if you want to know what the mirc.ini settings are for the font you want, you'd need to use the /view/font dialog to set it the way you want, while that window or window-type is active. The same menu is also seen in the dropdown from the upper left corner of the window itself, for channel, query, etc. Once you have the window looking the way you want, then you can look to see what the mirc.ini looks like.

I'm seeing the display a little different than yours, such as seeing 421's instead of 410's, but that may be related to regional language or operating system.

Some of the numbers are related to features no longer used, and may be there as place-holders in case the .ini is used into an older version. For example, the 2nd number '0' you're seeing is related to the "script" in the font window dropdown, which supports other alphabets like hebrew or cyrillic. the '2' you're seeing is the field related to the former 'utf8' dropdown in the font window, where the '2' setting was for 'display and encode', which is in effect the default setting for mirc7. Well, not for the scripts editor setting, where there's no incoming text to handle. The 3 digit number changes when you set the font to bold, and when setting to italics, that 2nd zero becomes 255.

If your script is editing that value in mirc.ini, it either needs to change to using the /font command, or needs to be updated to handle the new format.
Posted By: eldudo

Re: mirc.ini fonts settings - 05/10/20 08:47 PM

thanks for your answer!

well what I'm showing is definitely not a typo, it's what the theme generated, for sure smile The theme is an MTS 1.1 theme. Could very well be that is was written for mIRC 5...

anyway, the thing is, I first tried to use the /view/font dialog to set the font to what I wanted, but I can't switch it to what I want it to be. The smallest possible Tahoma I can select is 8, and it is slightly too big. mIRC then sets this in the ini file:


My first guess was to change the 8 to 7. But then it's too small. I don't know, I guess what I want is 7.5? crazy but 7.5 seems like an illegal value to set in the ini file because the font size does not change if I do that.

Which is why I then tried to apply the older setting of


and that worked for all windows except for the text input field, which why I wanted to know if there is a variable name for it... but I guess there isn't, and the field should "usually" take the same font as the window?

interestingly enough, if I use 411,1 then the font is too big again... confused

are the different values/settings documented anywhere? I couldn't find them in the mIRC help or by googling...
Posted By: maroon

Re: mirc.ini fonts settings - 06/10/20 12:08 AM

For that 3 digit number, the last 2 digits are something like $int(fontsize in menu * 4/3), so when you set your font to 8pt, 8*4/3 is 10+fraction, so it shows 410. There's a dropdown in the font dialog for a reason, and that's to prevent what you're trying to do - set windows to use invalid font sizes. The next available font size was 10, so the last 2 digits of the 3 digit number is 10 * 4/3 = 13+fraction, so it shows as 413. When you set to an in-between number, you're setting it to an illegal size, so windows has a default size and/or font it uses instead.

If you don't like the size of the font, your choices are to either switch to a different size within that same font, or switch to a different font that either has a different appearance at the same size, or offers more sizes. So if you're using Fixedsys which has only the 9pt size available, you'll need to switch to a different fixed-width font that has more sizes available. As you test other fonts, you'll find that there can be 3 different fonts which each have a 12pt size, and they each can have wildly different ideas of how many letters can fit on the same length window line.

So it boils down to the advice I gave last time, play around with your choices until you get a font/fontsize you like. Sometimes the choice might be a font where you enabled the bold setting instead of regular, and the bold may not be obnoxious in some fonts, and when you have bold enabled, someone using the bold code has the effect of toggling the bold off for that text.
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