I just came back to using IRC after three years. I'm on a PC that hasn't had mIRC on it. The only version I've used is 7.63 so far. I've rebooted, yes.

I've tracked down what's causing it. When a user plays a certain sound, I crash. /sound porkysob.wav We just tried it three times and three times in a row I crashed. I have the sound in my sound folder and it plays locally. I've changed the .WAV file association to be a different app, like WinAmp, but it doesn't make a difference, it crashed a fourth time.

I installed 7.38, enabled sounds, downloaded her sound (!username porkysob.wav) and then had her play it, I was able to hear the sound--no crash.
The only difference between this .WAV file and the other files I have is it appears to have ID tag data. I can view it when I look at the properties of the file, under ID_Tag tab.

I deleted porkysob.wav in 7.63's sound folder, loaded back up 7.63, downloaded the file from the other user, had them play it and again mIRC crashed.

I will be using 7.38 in the short term.

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