Hello there guys, any of you have this problem where your commands stopped working all of the sudden?
I can connect to the tmi> twitch servers for the bot to run but now my commands are not working?
Restarting my pc work fix that right? Maybe it's buggy on my end?
Edit: Restarted PC didn't do anything though my application was buggy.

Let me know what I should do to fix this.

My command script is coded like this;
on *:text:!ultra:#tehrani: {
if ((%floodhello) || ($($+(%,floodhello.,$nick),2))) { return }
set -u10 %floodhello On
set -u30 %floodhello. $+ $nick On
msg $chan http://bit.ly/3aI4xkn KKomrade $+

I have like 5-7 commands like this but all I do is change the (!) and the "msg" and all of the sudden my commands don't trigger in the Twitch chat that I moderate for.
I have problems connecting to "DALnet" so had to uninstall the program and reinstall the program again.
Now I finished the server issue when I type in the mIRC chat that I'm connected to - messages get sent but all of the sudden the commands stopped working?!
I have a bad feeling my sub/resub/gifted sub and twitch prime notify messages won't work either?

There a fix for this so my commands work for the twitch chat I moderate for?
It's weird it's happening to me now. I've worked hard to get my script bot to run correctly.
Not sure what to do? smirk

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