Thanks for the improvement of file handling.

This script illustrates how /fseek -l seems to always recount the lines from the beginning, /fseeking -l to the same line number consecutively should be a fast operation, doing it 100 times should not take 10 secs.

Could /fseek be improved once again to look for the position in the file and do some smart check in order to avoid recounting from the beginning of the file?

//var %start 10000 , %count 100,%c %count | if ($fopen(foo)) .fclose foo | .fopen foo versions.txt | var %t $ticks | .fseek -l foo %start | echo -ag takes $calc($ticks - %t) ms to do one /fseek -l foo %start from pos=0 | var %t $ticks | while (%count) { .fseek -l foo %start | dec %count } | echo -ag takes $calc($ticks - %t) ms to do $qt(/fseek -l foo %start) %c times from the correct position already.

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