I'm running mirc 7.55 with many active mrc scripts and many network windows (30+)

I had no issues running mirc on windows server 2012 r2 (connecting via rdp from computer/phone)

Since I switched to windows server 2019, mirc is fine when connecting via rdp (from computer)

However, connecting via android (with microsoft rdp client) mirc cpu usage spikes and becomes unresponsive, disconnecting from all networks

I tried microsoft rdp beta client, same thing... however when I try other rdp clients, doesn't appear mirc has any issues (but I much prefer the ms client)

A friend experienced the same issue running mirc on windows server 2019, even when connecting via rdp without mobile app.. he was forced to revert back to windows server 2012

Beyond a bug report, does anyone have any ideas to try to troubleshoot this? I've racked my brain trying to come up with solutions but so far nothing fixes this issue frown