It's supposed to flash if you have the box checked in options/display/flash_icons. The g1 uses the color in that menu for 'messages', g2 uses the color for highlight.

If what you pasted is what you put in your alt+R script, it's not the example I gave. You have a space inside the :QUIT: parameter as well as following every dollar sign, as well as allowing the command to touch the curly braces, not having the .cid property touching the parenthesis, etc.

When debugging a script, if you think the problem is caused by a problem in your IF statement, you can add a debugging echo command inside the QUIT event but above the IF statement that ALWAYS executes.

echo -s debugging echo $scriptline $script

If you see your debugging echo in the status window but don't see the commands inside the IF statement doing anything, then you know the problem is with something in the IF statement. If you don't see the echo statement either, then the QUIT statement isn't being seen either.

Also make sure to not have more than one :QUIT: event per remote script, as only the top one is used.